The third-generation DQEPro is now available for 2023.
  • Re-designed solid-state exposure chamber with ultra-flat energy response!
  • Next-generation electronics gives even more sensitivity for ultra-low exposure testing!
  • New integrated HVL sensor confirms correct x-ray spectrum to ensure accurate results in every test!

Professional DQE Instruments
for Professional DQE Testing

The detective quantum efficiency (DQE) is recognized by industry leaders and regulators as the only standard measure of x-ray detector performance. The DQE describes the difference between high-performance and low-performance systems.

The only way to ensure your system produces the best possible images with low patient exposures is to ensure the highest DQE value.

Conventional methods for measuring the DQE require dedicated laboratory facilities, development of custom software algorithms and expertise in x-ray and DQE physics. At DQE Instruments, we have put these tools and expertise into an instrument that is validated and certified to give the highest possible DQE values consistent with IEC 62220-1 standards. DQEPro it is designed for use by both experts and non-experts in DQE physics.

DQEPro is an economic solution for “point-and-shoot” DQE testing in manufacturing, research and clinical environments.