DQEPro is the flagship product of DQE Instruments. It is a laboratory-grade hardware and software solution for industry-standard DQE testing. Designed for the discriminating professional who needs to assess the performance of digital radiographic detectors according to IEC 62220-1 guidelines quickly, confidently and accurately, DQEPro incorporates integrated software to automate both data acquisition and report generation so the user does not have to be an expert in DQE physics to obtain expert results.

DQEPro can be configured to work with many different imaging systems, including radiography, mammography, computed radiography and dental radiography. A computed tomography (CT) option is available to test the DQE of CT detector systems and an external calibration certificate from an accredited calibration laboratory is available with the air-chamber option.

Configuration Applications
DQEPro-II (10-101-2) This is the basic DQEPro-II configuration, for use with radiography systems
and standard IEC spectra RQA-3 (50 kV), RQA-5 (70 kV) and RQA-7 (90 kV).
Multi-spectra Option (10-102-2) This option allows the use of any radiography (tungsten tube) spectra
50 - 90 kV, 3 - 12 mmAl HVL. Higher kV spectra are possible on request.
Mammography Option (10-103-2) This option extends DQE testing to include mammography systems.
Dynamic Option (10-104-1) This option extends DQE testing to include the dynamic DQE.

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